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The Sandpaper Man is proud to be Australian Owned and Operated

Do you need sandpaper?

The Sandpaper Man is your online store for a comprehensive range of sandpaper.  We stock various sandpaper products, including sanding belts, sandpaper sheets, sandpaper rolls, and sanding discs—all from quality, reputable brands.

Speed links to some of our most popular sandpaper products and links are listed below for your convenience:

  • Belts - Take a look at our inventory of sizes, grits and material types in a range of sanding belts.
  • Hook and Loop Discs - Numerous different sizes, grits, and dust-extraction configurations.
  • Drum Sander Rolls -  Drum Sander Rolls enable you to cut your drum sander wraps for economical savings.
  • Dry-Rub Sandpaper Sheets - Up to 1500 grit, in a variety of brands and prices. Smaller pack quantities or savings for boxed quantity. We have the popular No-Fil Adalox sheets, or the Premium Norton A275, which has a more flexible backing.
  • Wet and Dry Sandpaper Sheets - Up to 7000 grit, in an extensive range of brands and prices. Minimal quantities or savings for boxes.
  • Dura-Block® - Sanding Blocks and Sanding Block Kits. Perfect for auto restoration. Sandpaper to compliment Dura-Blocks is also available in short lengths, plus the choice of full rolls for savings. Dura-Blocks are available to suit both adhesive-backed sandpaper and hook and loop sandpaper.
  • Micro-Mesh® - For more information, see this link regarding the different types of Micro-Mesh® products, including the popular Soft Touch Pads, Micro-Mesh® Sheets, Micro-Mesh® Rolls, Micro-Mesh® Handi Files, and a wide variety of Micro-Mesh® kits.
  • Machine Sizes - This section will enable you to find the correct size and configuration of sandpaper for your machine. You will find a comprehensive list of sanding machines and their corresponding sandpaper sizes.
  • Sandpaper Measurements - Take a look at this helpful link if you are unsure of the sandpaper size you require. This article explains how to measure different types of sandpaper products.

The Sandpaper Man was established in 1991 and is an Australian owned and operated online store specialising in sandpaper. Our website reflects our extensive inventory.

We are distributors of reputable quality brands such as Festool, Flexovit, Hermes, Indasa, Norton, Klingspor, Micro-Mesh®, Norton, Saint-Gobain, sia, and Dura Blocks.