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100 x 914 mm 40 grit KLINGSPOR CS311Y Sanding Belt

100 x 914 mm 40 grit KLINGSPOR CS311Y Sanding Belt

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Suitable for Woodworking

  • Grain: Aluminium Oxide
  • Coating: Open
  • Bonding: Resin
  • Backing: Y-polyester
  • Join: Tape

Specially developed for calibration grinding of wood - Reduced clogging and longer service life due to "ACT - Advanced Coating Technology" and anti-static properties.

Klingspor CS311Y Material - premium abrasive belt for woodworking applications:
  • Boasting a combination of an extra tear-resistant backing and open coating, the abrasive belt CS311Y is an excellent choice for work on wood, metal, and NF metal.
  • This abrasive shows its true capabilities when used for processing softwood. This abrasive belt is commonly used in the wood industry; for example, during the production of plywood and glued wood boards as well as for door and window manufacturing. The outstanding properties of CS311Y material renders these abrasive belts a staple in the manufacturing of parquet flooring. This premium abrasive belt for wood processing provides the same unique benefits to skilled craftsmen - such as cabinetmakers, joiners, and carpenters - and to home users and hobbyists.

High removal rate:
  • The abrasive belt CS 311Y is used wherever jobs require calibration to finish sanding of solid wood or wood composite surfaces, especially during the processing of softwood. The abrasive belt CS311Y delivers the same excellent performance on wide belt and long belt sanders as well as on edge sanders and parquet sanding machines. This abrasive material can be supplied as short belts, narrow belts, or wide belts. The backing used for this product is a tear-resistant Y-polyester. The material used to bond the grain is fully synthetic resin of premium quality.

Performance is further enhanced thanks to ACT recipe:
  • When subjected to heavy loads, the abrasive belt proves to be exceedingly tear-resistant and stable thanks to the fully synthetic resin bond, open coating, and improved ACT recipe of its grain. Meanwhile, the product can also be used to achieve a high removal rate. These properties combined with its antistatic finish allow the abrasive belt CS311Y by Klingspor to guarantee minimal clogging and, thus, an extended service life. In day-to-day use, the material proves to be resistant to humidity and moisture. Available in a large selection of sizes, this abrasive belt is capable of mastering a wide range of different tasks.
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