150 mm 50 grit FESTOOL Rubin 17 hole Hook and Loop disc

150 mm 50 grit FESTOOL Rubin 17 hole Hook and Loop disc
• Rubin was developed for natural wood, wood composite and veneers and has a special coating which sheds wood fibres.
• E weight paper with velour. (Hook & Loop).
• Aluminium oxide grain.
• Use on hardwoods like oak or maple, softwoods like pine or fir, tropical woods like ebony or teak, as well as on wood-based products.
• Use P24 to P60 for rapid removal and rough surface quality. High material removal means low surface quality. This preps surfaces for higher grits.
• Intermediate sanding is accomplished with grits P80 to P120. You will still have a fast removal rate while achieving good surface quality
• P150 to P180 for finish sanding. Remember that soft wood does not require as fine a sanded finish as hardwood.
• Excellent dust extraction thanks to Multi Jetstream.
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