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Home :: Sheets - Dry Rub :: 230 x 280 mm x 80 grit Norton A275 No-Fil Sheet

230 x 280 mm x 80 grit Norton A275 No-Fil Sheet

230 x 280 mm x 80 grit Norton A275 No-Fil Sheet
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  • Waterbased Stearate No-Fil to reduce clogging.
  • Premium B-weight latex fiber reinforced paper backing
  • Made in Canada.

Norton A275 Sanding Paper:
  • Norton A275 is proven sandpaper technology that consistently outperforms conventional abrasives. It cuts faster, runs cooler, resists loading better, and lasts longer to help maximize productivity.
  • What makes high-performance Norton A275 Original Performance deliver? A sharp, heat-treated, P-graded aluminum oxide abrasive coupled with an anti-loading agent, bonded to a tough, tear resistant latex/paper backing.
  • The result? A high-quality, high-performance, long lasting sandpaper that produces a quick, cool cut without loading.

  • Premium heat-treated grain.
  • FEPA P-graded grain.
  • Premium B-weight latex reinforced paper backing.
  • Superior bond system.
  • Water-based stearate No-Fil coating.
  • No pigment in No-Fil coating or bond.

  • 30% - 50% faster cut rate.
  • Extended life.
  • Achieves a more consistent, uniform scratch pattern.
  • Improved performance.
  • More flexible.
  • Optimizes grain adhesion.
  • Extends cut life.
  • Improves load resistance.
  • Extends cut life.
  • Eliminates the risk of color transfer.
  • Creates a much stronger bond.

Improve Performance:
  • For years, Norton A275 has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to cut faster, without clogging or loading. This means you increase your productivity and save time on the job. And the newly designed ultra fine grits have a super smooth backing which translates to a consistent cut with no wild scratches so you can buff out the job faster.

Increase Productivity:
  • The number one cost in a shop is labor. Norton A275 lasts two to three times longer than conventional abrasives so you have less downtime, more time sanding, and use less product.

Improve Results from Start to Finish:
  • Norton A275 ultra fine grits help finish the job faster, without clogging - a guaranteed increase in productivity. When it comes to sandpaper, Norton A275 has proven to be the better performer.
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