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Do you need sandpaper?  

You will find an comprehensive range of quality sandpaper here at The Sandpaper Man.  We are distributors of major quality brands such as Dura-Block, Festool, Flexovit, Hermes, Indasa, Norton, Klingspor, Micro-Mesh, Norton, Saint-Gobain, sia. 


Here are some speed links to help you find the most common sandpaper products:  

Belts - Comprehensive range of sizes and grits.  

Hook and Loop Discs - Many different sizes, grits, and configurations.

Dry-Rub Sandpaper Sheets - Up to 1500 grit   

Wet and Dry Sandpaper Sheets - Up to 7000 grit  

Dura-Block® - Sanding Blocks and Sanding Block Kits 


There are many more products on the Home Page of our website down the left-hand side in the Categories.   

Sandpaper Measurements  Take a look at this helpful link if you are unsure of the size you require.  This article explains how to measure different types of sandpaper products.


The Sandpaper Man is Australian owned and operated, and has been established since 1991.  We have an extensive inventory, which permits fast shipment from our stock.


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We are sorry but we cannot accommodate "over-the-counter" sales.

If you wish to collect your order, you may place your order online, and you will receive a text when it is ready for collection from our outside collection box.

Please check with us via telephone if you require further information about this service.