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Dura-Block® For Car Restoration

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Author Name: The Sandpaper Man
Posted: Jul 25, 2019 01:03 PM
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Achieving the perfect surface for car restoration using Dura-Block®.

Dura-Block® Sanding Blocks For Car Restoration

When undertaking a vehicle restoration the best surface preparation is paramount. Dura-Blocks® will ensure you achieve this.

Made from 100% EVA rubber they will give you sharp lines and minimise your sanding time.

Use Dura-Blocks® with sanding papers from manufacturers including Indasa, sia, NORTON or KLINGSPOR. This will achieve the perfect finish for your restoration.

Dura-Blocks® are high-end professional sanding blocks which are ideal for blocking any surface. They are available in various lengths from 140 mm to 914 mm. Additionally, profiles such as:
Round AF4404
Teardrop AF4406
Dura-Disc AF4411

Radius blocks are available in three different lengths:
AF4412 1/3 140 mm
AF4413 2/3 280 mm
AF4414 Full Size 405 mm.

There are also four kits:
AF44XDVD 5 piece
AF44A 6 piece
AF44L 7 piece
AF44HL 7 piece Hook & Loop
Some of these include the popular Dura-Soap

Flat surfaces will result by using the Dura-Block® 280 mm Composite Block AF4415
The rigid injection moulded composites make this block best for perfectly flat surfaces.

View our range of Adhesive Backed Sandpaper Rolls to suit here.
Combine Dura-Block® with Indasa Dry Rub Adhesive Backed Paper for dry sanding.
This paper ranges in grit from 40 to 400, and in lengths of 5 metres or 25 metres to suit your needs.
Or, you may like to try our starter kit which features 6 different grits.
70 mm INDASA Adhesive Backed Starter Roll pack

A better surface finish and longer sanding life can result by using either:
1950 siaspeed Siastik Adhesive Backed Roll (40 to 600 grit)
NORTON A975 Dry Ice Adhesive Backed Roll (80 to 400 grit)

Dura-Blocks® also work well when wet sanding.
A 25 metre roll of KLINGSPOR PS11 Adhesive Backed Waterproof Paper is the perfect choice.
Grades available from 240 through to 2000 for this application.

Some Dura-Blocks® come with a Hook Face to take Hook and Loop Sandpaper.
Available to buy on our website are:
1/3 AF4417
2/3 AF4418
Full Size AF4419
Standard AF4420
Round AF4421
Scruff AF4422

115 mm Wide 24” 610 mm AF4424
115 mm Wide 36” 915 mm AF4428

70 mm wide Hook and Loop Sandpaper Rolls to suit are available in 5 metres or 25 metres lengths. The grits range from 40 to 600.

If you need a width of 115 mm Hook and Loop Sandpaper Rolls, you can buy in lengths from 1 metres, 5 metres or 50 metres, with a grit range of 40 to 400.
115 mm x 50 metre x 80 grit sia 1950 siaspeed siafast

When undertaking a vehicle restoration, The Sandpaper Man stocks the products you need.

Order anytime on our website, or email us at We would love to hear about your project.

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