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100 - 1" x 4" 320 grit Sanding Mop Refill Pack

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  • 1" wide x 4" long
  • 1/2" centre hole
  • Each refill is slashed to produce 6 fingers
  • Place two sheets back to back, criss-cross them to form a wheel, change angle 45 degrees criss-cross them again. Repeat this pattern until you have 16 to 48 sheets on the arbor.
  • Place spacers periodically for a flexible and less aggressive Sanding Mop.
  • Tighten the nut to hold sheets together.
  • Secure the assembly in your drill press, hand held drill, lathe, etc.
  • Before using the Sanding Mop on your project, break in the edge by holding a piece of scrap hardwood against it as it spins. This will "soften" the edge so it doesn't gouge your work.
  • Operate at a Maximum of 2300 r.p.m.
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