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Applying Hook and Loop Converter

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Posted: Jun 15, 2015 03:36 PM

How to apply or replace Hook and Loop Converter on your sander base or face plate.

How to Apply Hook and Loop Converter to your Sander

A converter disc or sheet allows you to use hook and loop backed sandpaper.

Hook and Loop Sheet - 305 mm x 500 mm
When replacing the hook already on your sanding faceplate or sander base, firstly you have to remove the hook that is already in place. This is because if you put the new converter onto the worn-out hook, all that it is adhering to is the top of the hook fingers and there is not enough surface contact for good adhesion.  If you try to remove the hook on a rubber/foam sander base, it is more likely you will end up tearing chunks of rubber/foam from the sander base.

We would suggest placing a sheet of sandpaper on a flat surface.
Start the sander, and place it on the sandpaper sheet. This will remove the worn-out hooks on the base plate back to a smooth surface. (Take care to keep an even pressure over the sander, to ensure you are taking an even amount off the whole surface)

If you have an aluminium or wooden faceplate that you are converting from adhesive-backed discs, discs that you have been glueing on, or a new faceplate, clean the surface thoroughly.

Once you have a flat, smooth, dust-free and clean surface, you are now ready to apply the new Hook and Loop Converter.

Remove the adhesive protective liner from the back of the new Hook and Loop converter disc.

Place the adhesive side onto the sanding faceplate or sander base, making sure you are placing it centrally while lining up any dust extraction holes.

Rub your hand over the surface of the Hook, to make sure your converter has good contact with the faceplate or sander base.

Your faceplate or sander base is now ready for hook and loop discs or hook and loop sheets.

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