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Rapid Strip Sandpaper Discs

Discs - Rapid Strip
Our Rapid Strip Sandpaper Discs are 100 mm in diameter and feature a silicon carbide grain.

100 mm diameter x 15.88 mm Rapid Strip Disc

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  • Grade - Silicon Carbide Extra Coarse
  • General coating removal and preparation of surfaces on stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, plastics, ferro cement and other masonry products etc.
  • Maximum Operating speed 13,300 rpm
  • For use on a standard 100 mm diameter angle grinder.
  • The Rapid Strip range of abrasives are iron free non-clogging "Surface Preparation Abrasives" as used in auto repair, marine, metal fabrication industries and in DIY.
  • These products are used for obtaining specific finishes that cannot be obtained consistently with other forms of abrasive products.
  • Specific uses are for the removal of coatings such as paint, epoxy, rust and oxidation as well as burrs and light weld splatter without causing damage to the surface.
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