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Dust Masks

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Posted: Mar 7, 2017 12:03 PM

An article regarding different types of dust masks and their different uses.  

Dust Masks

Do you wear a dust mask when you are sanding?  

Look after your health, and check out our range of dust masks and add some to your next order. 



To be classified as a P2 respirator, the requirement is 94% minimum filtration efficiency for mechanical (e.g. grinding, drilling, sanding) and thermally generated particles (e.g. welding fumes, bushfire smoke) 

At The Sandpaper Man we stock DM20 and sell them in a box, and also individually wrapped. 

They feature: 

EVA internal nose pad with adjustable nose bridge

Super soft flexible filter material for optimum fit

One-way exhalation valve eliminates moisture and heat build-up

Soft and wide welded elastic straps for superior comfort

DM20 Flat Fold P2 Dust Mask with Valve  (Individual Masks)

DM20 Flat Fold P2 Dust Mask with Valve  (Box of 10)


Toxic Dust Mist Welding Fume Mask P2 with Valve - Box of 12

Tested to Australian Standard 1716 P2

This is a cup-shaped, double-strap Disposable Mask for welding fumes, toxic wood, and metal dusts.  Provides protection against mechanically and thermally generated particles such as hardwood and softwood dust, mist and fumes to Class P2 and including metal fume from smelting, welding, brazing, etc.  Also, mists of liquids which do not produce harmful gases or vapours. Not suitable for any painting process.  Not suitable for asbestos.

Toxic Dust Mist Welding Fume Mask P2 with Valve


P1 Masks

A P1 respirator is classified as being able to filter at least 80% of airborne particles.  

At The Sandpaper Man we stock Toxic Dust Mist Masks P1 in a box of 20 masks.  These masks are a cup-shaped, double-strap, lightweight, disposable respirator which provides protection against hardwood and softwoods, fibreglass dust, aluminium, coal, cotton dust, flour, iron ore, manganese, mica, free silica, talc and many others.  (This product will not protect against gases, vapours, fumes or paint spray).  Not suitable for asbestos, sand blasting operations, highly toxic atmospheres, oxygen deficient areas, confined spaces, or rescue work.  

Toxic Dust Mist Masks P1


Nuisance Dust Masks

Disposable mask for sanding, mowing, dusting, cleaning.  Non-irritating fibre.  Won’t irritate the skin.  Easy to speak through.  Will not collapse when wet or when used in high humidity.  These masks are a cup-shaped, single strap, with an adjustable aluminium nosepiece. 

Suitable for use against non-toxic dust, powder, pollen and other common airborne irritants around the home, factory, farm and garden.  Only suitable for non-toxic dust.   

Nuisance Dust Masks



So check out our range of Masks at The Sandpaper Man, and remember to look after your health when sanding.



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