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Hook and Loop Sandpaper

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Author Name: The Sandpaper Man
Posted: Oct 14, 2016 01:56 PM

Hook and Loop sandpaper descriptions.

There seems to be much confusion over the trade mark VELCRO® when it comes to describing “Hook and Loop” fastener backed sandpaper.

VELCRO® is a registered trade mark of Velcro BVBA, a company that produces hook and loop fasteners under the trade mark VELCRO®. Velcro BVBA does not make or sell abrasive sanding products. 

This is why abrasive companies have registered their own names for the "Hook and Loop" fastening system. A few examples of these are:
sia Abrasives - Siafast®
3M - Hook-it®
Norton - Speed-Grip® and Velgrip®
KLINGSPOR Abrasives - Kling-On®
FESTOOL - StickFix®

Other manufacturers use more generic terms like:
Hermes Abrasives - "Vel" or "Velour backed"

Sandpaper discs, sheets and rolls are all available with a Hook and Loop type fastening system. The "Loop" is on the backing of the sandpaper, whether that backing is paper, film, cloth or mesh. The "Hook" is on the back-up pad of an orbital or random orbital sander, faceplate of a disc sander, face of a sanding block, and the profiled shape of a profile sanding head to name a few examples. 

We hope this explanation helps to correct the misuse of the registered trade mark VELCRO® amongst the community of sandpaper users using Hook and Loop type sandpaper.

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