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How to Store Sandpaper

Category: Sandpaper Articles
Author Name: The Sandpaper Man
Posted: Apr 20, 2021 03:38 PM
Synopsis: Read this article to learn about how to store your Sandpaper Products correctly

How to store your Sandpaper correctly


Our Sandpaper products require appropriate storage conditions to maximise their lifetime. 


Recommendations on how to store your abrasive products are as follows: 


  • Sandpaper should ideally be stored in dry, frost-free conditions, at a room temperature of approximately 18 - 22 degrees Celsius and relative humidity of 45 - 65%. 
  • Where possible, sandpaper should be stored in its original packaging and on open shelves or racks.
  • Once unpacked, sandpaper should be stored in a way that eliminates or reduces distortion of the product.
  • You should avoid storing your sandpaper near any heat sources including windows, doors, heating installations, humid walls, on the floor, or any place where the sandpaper is likely to be exposed to direct solar radiation. 
  • Do not expose sandpaper to extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • Do not store sandpaper in unheated rooms during winter. 


Storage of your sandpaper using the above recommendations will preserve the life of your sandpaper and maximise its quality.

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