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Micro-Finish® Polish 4oz, 118ml.

Micro-Finish® Polish 4oz, 118ml.
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  • Micro-Finish is a premium Micro-Mesh® polish used as a final step to remove residual haze on coatings, paint or plastics.
  • Simply buff on by hand using soft cotton flannel to give your painted or urethane finishes that "wet" glossy look.
  • Use this polish with confidence, as it contains no hazardous chemicals that could harm surfaces over time.

Micro-Finish Polish Instructions

For removal of residual haze on any plastic or urethane surface. It will brighten clear plastic surfaces and provide a “wet” glossy look on painted surfaces.

  1. Apply a thin film of MICRO-FINISH polish to the surface, using a clean, dry, flannel cloth. Do not use paper towels, micro fiber wipers, industrial wipers as any of these will scratch transparencies.
  2. It is always recommended to buff the surface by hand during this application. Avoid using a tool that could leave swirl marks.
  3. Buff the product into the surface using slow methodical strokes. Stroke pattern is not of significance in this process, ie: straight line versus circular. Avoid using pressure. A light touch works best. Work in small 1 foot square areas so you can easily incorporate the cream into the surface before it dries.
  4. If the cream dries on the surface it will be more difficult to work into the surface and scratching could occur. You can mist the surface with clean water and continue buffing if this happens. It is also advisable to mist the flannel cloth slightly prior to beginning this process.
  5. Avoid using too much product. If too much is used gumming on the surface can occur, making the buffing process more laborious.
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