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Nuisance Dust Masks - Box of 50

Nuisance Dust Masks - Box of 50
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Contains 50 masks

  • Disposable Mask for sanding, mowing, dusting and cleaning.
  • Suitable for use against non-toxic dust, powder, pollen and other common airborne irritants around the home, factory, farm and garden. Ideal for:
  • Wood, plaster and plastic sanding.
  • Cleaning basements, attics, garages, and dusty work areas.
  • Yard, garden and farmwork.
  • Lab or clean room use.
  • Warning:

  • This product will not protect against gases, vapours.
  • It is not suitable for protecting the wearer when spraying paint, handling asbestos or welding.
  • It is only suitable for non-toxic dust, such as sawdusts, household and garden dusts.
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