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Our soft touch pads, buffers and kits are perfect for finishing and polishing acrylic and polyester resin blanks.


• Sharp drills and chisels are vital, check on the sharpness during turning process.

• Reduce the feed speed and feed rate when drilling the hole. Less downward force and a slower drill speed will reduce the likelihood of blowout.

• Always use a sharp drill bit.

• When turning poly-resin blanks, for best results swap from a gouge chisel to a skew after the blank has been turned down to a cylindrical shape. There is a very distinct difference in the sound that is made when the blank is turning smoothly to when pitting is occurring. When this sound occurs reduce the pressure being applied until a nice smooth surface is re-established.

• A highly polished finish can be achieved with the use of Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Pads. These pads are available in a kit of nine grades, with the finest being 12000 (2 micron). Keeping the Micro-Mesh pads wet when using them produces the best results on poly-resins.

• Micro-Gloss liquid polish, which contains 1 micron abrasive crystals, can then be applied to achieve a more brilliant lustre. Alternatively, for an unbeatable finish 1 micron then 0.3 micron 3M Microfinishing lapping film can be used.

SAFETY POINT: Always turn blanks in a well ventilated area, use dust extraction systems and protection, use protective eyewear and suitable respiratory protection.