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How to Assemble Your Sanding Mop

Sanding Mop Assembly


  • Take two abrasive strips and place them back to back to construct one ‘set’ of abrasives.
  • Place this set on the mandrel.
  • Construct another set and place this on the mandrel at 90 degrees to the first set in order to make a cross. As shown in Picture A.
  • Then place the next set at 45 degrees to the second set. As shown in Picture B.
  • Repeat the 90 degrees sets followed by the 45 

Important Tips

  • You may wish to place the washer and nut on the mandrel and tighten it down after every eight sets in order to ensure compact assembly.
  • Before using the sanding mop on projects you should break in the edges by holding a piece of scrap hardwood against it as it spins. This will soften the edges so it doesn’t gouge your workpieces.

Congratulations! You now have a Sanding Mop.