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Updated Micro-Mesh® Soft Touch Pads

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Author Name: The Sandpaper Man
Posted: Aug 14, 2018 11:20 AM
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Updated Micro-Mesh® Soft Touch Pads

Micro-Mesh® Products

Micro-Mesh® 2 x 2 Soft Touch Pad Kit Combo

Now proudly stocking revamped Micro-Mesh® in a move that will continue to provide customers with high-quality, reliable product.

In a bid to curb the dodgy sale of imitation products, Micro-Mesh® Soft Touch Pads will now be easier to identify as the ‘real deal’ due to colour changes.

The Sandpaper Man, as a proud Australian distributor of Micro-Mesh®, want to reassure customers that real value for money still exists.

What’s different?

Competitors were distributing knock-off products using the name “Micro Mesh” in a bid to make a few quick bucks off a well-respected name.
To combat this, the 12000 grade is now coloured PINK instead of LIGHT GREY. This makes it easy for customers and stockists to spot a fraud peddling an inferior product.
Customers reported these counterfeits to wear through very quickly and to give a substandard polish. The packaging on these knock offs was almost completely identical to the real thing – even down to the product info!

The Sandpaper Man is proud to report that not only have they ALWAYS provided their customers with legitimate products but that the Micro-Mesh® Soft Touch Pads colour charts are now copyrighted. You can rest assured that what you’re buying is quality. At The Sandpaper Man, you are guaranteed no knock-offs, no wasted time and no dodgy deals!

What’s the same?

When purchasing either the 2” x 2” or the 3” x 4” Micro-Mesh® Soft Touch Pads from The Sandpaper Man, you’ll still be receiving:

  • Nine double-sided pads perfect for small, delicate jobs and touch-ups
  • A product that can be used again and again (which means you don’t have to be constantly replenishing your supply)
  • A product with a foam-core that’s flexible, durable and easy to use
  • Micro-Mesh® grades (colour coded for ease of use) in 1500, 1800, 2400, 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000 and 12000 grade (the 12000 is now PINK to guard against copy-cats)
  • Excellent value for money
The Sandpaper Man is the savvy choice for your project.

When you’ve got a delicate job that requires the right product, choose the company that’s got your back.

The Sandpaper Man has stocked, and will always stock, legitimate merchandise at an affordable price.

Discounts are available for both re-sellers and for customers looking to buy larger quantities.

Soft Touch Pad 2

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This article has been published in The Australian Woodworker Magazine, in the Product News section.

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